Autism Speaks - Light It Up Blue 2014

By Luke Lytle
May 5, 2014, updated Jun 23, 2014
 Autism Speaks - Light It Up Blue 2014

On April 2, 2014 Autism Speaks will "Light It Up Blue" to promote Autism Awareness Month.  To help bring attention to Autism, many buildings and structures will light up blue across the world.  Why the color blue?  Autism Disorders are almost 5 times more common in boys than in girls, so the color blue represents the boys diagnosed with autism.

After noticing that Autism Speaks was promoting Rosco gel as a solution for lighting up buildings, Rosco took the initiative to invite our industry to participate in this great cause. 

There are 2 Rosco Gel Colors that you can use to light your building blue, Roscolux #68 and Roscolux #80.  Lux #80 is recommended for spaces with brighter lights or more reflective, light-colored buildings, while Lux #68 is for spaces with lower intensity light fixtures or less reflective, darker buildings.

Another way to participate is by projecting a custom "Autism Speaks" gobo on a building or structure.   

As an official partner of the "Light It Up Blue" campaign, we have stocked up on Lux #80 and Lux #68 across our 5 locations.  You can stop by and pick it up or you can order the gel and gobo online here.

If you don't know where to start, or need help lighting up your structure, feel free to contact us at 877.789.8167!

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