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NEW Swisson XSW Transceiver W-DMX Splitter, 3pin, Box


  • WARRANTY: 2 Year Mfr.
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  • CONDITION: Brand New


The XSW combines W-DMX wireless technology with all of the advantages of the DMX splitters from SWISSON. The XSW can operate as a DMX transmitter or as a DMX receiver at the press of a button. The DMX splitter functionality is always available regardless of whether the device is configured as a transmitter or receiver. If only the splitter function is used, the wireless part can be switched off.

The splitter part is based on the long established SWISSON DMX splitter technology and offers one input port, a through port and 4 individually optically isolated output ports. Multiple radio links can be operated at the same time by using more than one transmitter, allowing a setup with multiple DMX-universes. Any number of receivers can be connected to each of the transmitters.

The radio part uses the freely available 2.4 GHz frequency band to transfer DMX data. Interferences with other devices operating in the same band, such as Wi-Fi access points, are avoided by using W-DMX technology. W-DMX is one of the most reliable and most widespread DMX transmission methods. With a latency of only 5 ms, they are perfectly suited for real-time applications.

Thanks to the ability of the XSW to work as a transmitter or as a receiver, even a small number of XSWs allows for building up a variety of wireless DMX setups. At the same time, it is possible to use any XSW in combination with compatible CRMX (XSW-TR-CRMX models) or W-DMX (XSW-TR-WDMX models) devices. is proud to be an authorized dealer for the top manufacturers of theatrical lighting and event equipment.  We carry factory sealed items that are shipped direct to your doorstep and include all applicable manufacturer warranties.


  • Wireless DMX transmitter
  • Wireless DMX receiver
  • DMX splitter
  • DMX booster
  • Full individual optical isolation per port
  • DMX termination

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Swisson
Condition: Brand New
Model: XSW-TR-W-DMX-3B
Item #: 28128 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Dmx, Swisson, Splitter
Specs Includes
  • (1) XSW Transceiver W-DMX Splitter, 3pin, Box
  • (1) Antenna
  • (1) User manual

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