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NEW Steel 3/8" 10'

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A sling is an assembly designed to connect a load to a lifting device, so that the load may be lifted, turned, or moved. The Rated Capacity of a sling, is the maximum load in tons that it is designed to lift when used as prescribed under favorable working conditions. Rated Capacity is based on nominal wire rope breaking strength; splicing or end attachment efficiency; design factor; number of parts of rope in the sling; type of hitch (vertical, choker, or basket); angle of loading; and diameter of curvature around which the sling is bent. 

There are four basic sling configurations, which meet most moving, lifting and turning requirements: (1) VERTICAL (Straight Pull); (2) BASKET HITCH: (3) CHOKER HITCH; and, (4) MULTIPLE LEG SLING (Bridle).

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  • Vertical: 1.4 tons
  • Choke: 1.1 tons
  • Basket: 2.9 tons
  • Normally a sling should not be used when the vertical angle exceeds 45 degrees

Additional Details

Ships From: United States
Manufacturer: Silver State Wire Rope
Condition: Brand New
Model: 3/8" 10'
Item #: 7578 (4Wall/UsedLighting.com Owned)
Tags: Rigging, Steel
  • (1) Steel 3/8" 10'

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Ships from: United States


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Home » NewLighting.com » Rigging » Steel » Item #7578

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