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NEW Doug Fleenor Marconi TX


  • WARRANTY: 5 Year Mfr.
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  • CONDITION: Brand New


The Marconi Wireless DMX Transmitter (Marconi TX) sends all 512 channels (one universe) of DMX512 using 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology. DMX512 input is on a 10" pigtail fitted with a 5-pin male XLR connector with a chassis mounted 'through' connector provided. For highest reliability, the through connector should only be used to run a short distance to a DMX splitter or other isolation device. This is because a cable fault on the through connector may corrupt the input signal at the Marconi TX and hence the transmitted signal as well. If the Marconi TX is plugged directly into the DMX source (console, splitter, computer, etc.) it is not necessary to terminate the through connector. If a cable is placed between the Marconi TX input pigtail and the DMX source, the through connector should be terminated. 

Marconi products use the W-DMX system (invented by Wireless Solutions in Sweden) which allows up to 16 transmitters and any number of receivers to be used simultaneously in a single venue. Since any W-DMX receiver can listen to any Marconi transmitter, there has to be a way to tell each receiver which transmitter to listen to. This is accomplished by Assigning or Linking the W-DMX receiver to the Marconi transmitter. Transmitter assignment information is held in the receiver's non-volatile memory. If the user has only one W-DMX transmitter (or keeps his systems separate), the configuration process described below will only have to be done once for each receiver. is proud to be an authorized dealer for the top manufacturers of theatrical lighting and event equipment.  We carry factory sealed items that are shipped direct to your doorstep and include all applicable manufacturer warranties.


  • Input circuit: Wireless Solutions 'micro' radio protected by two self resetting fuses and four transient absorbing diodes.
  • Connectors: DMX512:Gold plated 5 pin Neutrik Pin 1: Common, Pin 2: Data-, Pin 3: Data+, Pins 4&5: n/c,
  • Antenna:Gold plated Reverse Polarity SMA connector
  • Antenna: A 2dB whip antenna is supplied. Gain antennas are available to increase the transmission range.
  • User controls: Recessed CONFIG button. Activated using bent paper clip (not supplied).
  • Indicators: Red: POWER, Blue: TRANSMITTING, illuminates when the transmitter is sending RF, Yellow: CONFIGURED, illuminates once the transmitter has finished configuring receiver, Green:
  • DMX512, illuminates when DMX512 is present at the input
  • Power in:100-240 VAC, 10 Watts
  • Color: Black with laser engraved nomenclature
  • Size & weight: 1.5"h X 4.75"d X 3.5"w, 1 pound
  • Mounting: A 1/2" hole is provided for C clamp or half coupler mounting. Two 3/8" X 3/4" slots are provided for safety cables or other mounting techniques.

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Doug Fleenor Design
Condition: Brand New
Model: Marconi-TX
Item #: 16989 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Marconi, Wireless dmx, Doug fleenor, Dmx 512
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  • (1) Marconi TX

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