Sale Item of the Week: Chauvet Nexus 4x4

By Wes Bailey
10 years ago
 Sale Item of the Week: Chauvet Nexus 4x4

In a new (and possibly short lived depending on our work ethic) feature here on the Lounge, we're going to highlight one of our items featured on this week's specials and give you a bit of background on how top designers are using it!

This week's featured item is the Chauvet Nexus 4x4 LED Panel.  You can currently grab a a used Nexus Panel for the price of $995, saving 16% off the list price.

So what makes the Nexus cool?  There are a number of features we like about it....pixel mapping, vivid colors, and great rendering even when viewed from locations other than directly in front of it.  But why take our word for it?  Here are some comments from a few designers who have used the Nexus on their shows:

LD: Sohail Najafi, Najafi Design Group

                          RX Bandits Rocking the Nexus at the Fillmore


Used the Nexus on: RX Bandits 'Gemini Her Majesty' Tour

Sohail said: "The Nexus 4x4s were used to create a large dynamic monogram backdrop of the band's initials 'Rx" that changed with the music.  We used a wide range of pixel-mapped effects including color morphing, flying text, motion, and image cues."

"As an added bonus of the software we used for control (Madrix), the integrated sound effects engine inside the software allowed us to create sound-controlled motion effects that drove the audience crazy; our sound activated fire and audio waveform cues on the Nexus panels always made the crowd roar!"


       Nexus Panels on stage with 3EB

LD: Mitchell Schellenger, iLikeLights

Used the Nexus on: Third Eye Blind 2014 Festival Tour

Mitchell said: "Third Eye Blind wanted a very bright, warm, and powerful energy coming from the stage.  I knew I needed some sort of panel to fulfill that need.  Nexus panels were the best tool to achieve the warm look we were aiming for with an LED fixture.  The color scheme was very warm with CTO, amber, and some deep orange. The only exception was one special cue (green flash). The inspiration behind this show was a setting sun and the optical phenomenon of a green flash. We played off of that inspiration throughout the entire show, all the way to the last cue with a drum hit and the ‘green flash’ ending the show."

"Even with such a specific set of palette demands, the 4x4s were able to handle the colors I was creating and gave me the desired result.  I knew I would be bitmapping with the Nexus unit, controlling each individual pixel. I also knew I would need the use of the warm white LED, due to our particular color scheme for this tour. The 53ch mode allowed me to do both of these techniques effectively and made programming a snap."


Thanks to both Sohail and Mitchell for giving us a bit of insight on the Chauvet Nexus!  For those of you who would prefer a more visual display of what the Nexus can do, check out this video from our parent company 4Wall Entertainment:



Let us know in the comments if you've used the Nexus panel yourself! 


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