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Strong Gladiator II 2.5kW Followspot

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These Strong Gladiator II 2.5kW Followspots have been cleaned and serviced by in-house technicians and are in good working condition.

The Gladiator II lamphouse has been designed for maximum efficiency and performance utilizing an exclusive deep ellipsoidal "cold" metal reflector.  This cold-coated dichroic reflector absorbs the heat generating infrared light and produces a clean crisp beam of light.  The 2.5 KW Xenon lamp provides instant full power and stable color temperature “daylight” quality light.

The Strong Gladiator II, like all Strong followspots, is equipped with our exclusive Single Handle Zoom System (SHZ).  This system utilizes a unique optical design that gathers light from the reflector and intensifies the beam of light as the unit is changed from flood to spot with only the use of just a single handle.

A variable output power supply is furnished with a potentiometer for fine current output adjustment. A 208/230 volt, single or three phase,50/60 H, AC source is required. A control cable is furnished with connectors for quick, easy connection.

This item has been listed by a member of our worldwide community. Buying a brokered item like this is the perfect way to purchase hard to find equipment at a great price. All brokered item sales include a 72 hour quality inspection window. Once the item arrives, just let us know if you are unsatisfied- your purchase is guaranteed by UsedLighting.com!


  • "Cold Metal Reflector (can be matched for exact color temperature)
  • Six Color Boomerang with Color Filters
  • Ultra-Violet Filter
  • Horizontal Masking Control
  • Nichrome Steel Iris
  • Spot Focus Adjusting Control
  • Manual Dimming control
  • Controls for adjusting Height, Vertical/Horizontal movement
  • 2500 watt Xenon Bulb System; Input Line 208/230 V. AC, 50/60 Hz, 1 or 3 phase. Approximate Line Draw 25 Amp.
  • Nominal Sustaining Fuse for 30 Amp at 220 V.
  • Estimated bulb life: 250 hrs.
  • Pivot-bulb design permits re-lamping in seconds and focusing of the bulb
  • Bulb Operation Elapsed Time Meter
  • Ammeter on Lamphouse
  • Uninterrupted Operation
  • Color temperature 5600° Kelvin + 200.

Additional Details

Ships From: Acton, CA, USA
Manufacturer: Strong
Condition: Good
Item #: 49458 (Brokered)
Tags: Followspots, Strong
  • (1) Gladiator II 2.5kW Followspot
  • (1) Power Supply
  • (1) Stand
  • (6) Gel Frame
  • (4) Mounting Bolt

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Ships from: Acton, CA, USA


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