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Barco ScreenPRO-II HD/SDI Switcher w/ Enhanced Output Card

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This Barco ScreenPRO-II HD/SDI Switcher comes with the Enhanced Output card installed and is in good working condition.

ScreenPRO-II uses four image layers (unscaled background, up to two scaled PiPs or keys, and an unscaled downstream key) to produce sophisticated effects, including live transitioning backgrounds, transitioning PiP windows, wipes, dissolves and keys. An internal 8x2 analog video router provides universal analog sources to each scaler schannel. Barco's ScreenPRO-II features a low video processing delay of three input fields maximum. With the EOC, the ScreenPRO-II can use the DVI background channels as inputs to the scaler channels, adds HD-SDI and interlaced output for recording, and can have storage for 100 logo stills.

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  • Transitioning PiP or key on a transitioning background
  • Native high resolution background channels independent of the PiP/key processing channel
  • PiP Effects: PiP size from 1/8 to 8X source resolution; Adjustable PiP aspect ratio
  • PiP borders, including drop shadows and soft edge
  • Keying: Luminance key; Split key (key alpha and fill); Reverse key (key on background)
  • Native high resolution downstream key channel independent of PiP/key processing channels
  • Numerous mix and wipe effects
  • Video processing: 10-bit processing; 1:1 pixel sampling; Motion adaptive de-interlacing (SD & HD); 3:2 and 2:2 pull down detect; Image cropping; Aspect ratio correction
  • Low video delay - less than 3 input fields
  • Programmable matte
  • Z-order control (priority layers) for overlapping PiPs or keys
  • Mixer dynamically re-assignable as a mixing (transitioning) PiP or as two individual (split) non-transitioning PiPs or keys
  • Capture and storage of two LOGO images for use as full-screen image or downstream key source
  • Look-ahead preview
  • Output synchronization: free-run or vertically locked to NTSC/PAL blackburst, CSync or HD tri-level syn

Additional Details

Ships From: Raleigh, NC, USA
Manufacturer: Barco
Condition: Good
Model: ScreenPRO-II
Item #: 47424 (Brokered)
Tags: Pro video, Switchers
  • (1) ScreenPRO-II HD/SDI Switcher w/ Enhanced Output Card
  • (1) Power Cable

Ships from: Raleigh, NC, USA



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Home » » Pro Video » Item #47424

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