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Roland V-600UHD 4K HDR Video Switcher

$ 10,925.00

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  • SHIPS FROM: Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • CONDITION: Like New


This Roland V-600UHD 4K HDR Video Switcher was used for demo perposes and is in like new condition.

As clients and audiences start demanding 4K at events, your current HD sources and displays shouldn’t become obsolete—and the V-600UHD lets you transition to 4K workflows as demand and budgets allow. With Roland’s Ultra Scaler technology, scaling is provided on every input, so you can use Full HD and 4K sources simultaneously, and output at multiple resolutions. You can also leverage the high pixel density of 4K camera sources in Full HD workflows for problem-free, visually-impressive productions.


  • 4K without compromise
  • High Dynamic Range [HDR]
  • Full 60Hz frame rate
  • A more vivid color space
  • 10-bit 4:4:4 pixel-accurate color
  • Support for DCI cinema 4K resolution

Additional Details

Ships From: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Manufacturer: Roland
Condition: Like New
Model: V-600UHD
Item #: 47423 (Brokered)
Tags: Pro video, Switchers
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Ships from: Los Angeles, CA, USA



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Home » » Pro Video » Switchers » Item #47423

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