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Barco Fiberlink System

$ 3,125.00

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These Barco Fiberlink Fiber Optic Systems are in good working condition.

Adds fiber-optic technology to the solution for guaranteed quality of the final picture. The data signal coming out of the digitizer is transported from the digitizer to the display by a high–speed data link. To send such a high density stream of data over long distances, a fiber optic cable is required. Barco offers a complete system: a transmitter, a cable and a receiver.

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  • Reach: 10 kilometer cascadable
  • Signal: 1,5 Gig/sec, no compression full quality stream to daylight display. Proprietary transmission error detection and correction protocol
  • Outdoor Compliance: IP 65 fiberoptic connectors

Additional Details

Ships From: Ukraine
Manufacturer: Barco
Condition: Good
Model: Fiberlink
Item #: 46972 (Brokered)
Tags: Pro video, Displays & monitors, Processors/effects
Specs Includes
  • (1) Fiberlink
  • (1) DLite AEC
  • (1) Fiber Cable

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Ships from: Ukraine



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Home » » Pro Video » Item #46972

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