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Altman 360Q Ellipsoidal

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These fixtures are in good working condition.

The 360Q is a compact, rugged ellipsoidal spotlight which produces a high intensity sharp or soft-edged beam. This lightweight luminaire is outfitted with an efficient, specially facetted reflector specifically designed for 575 watt tungsten halogen lamps. The reflector has over 700 mirror polished surfaces which optimize the optical system for greater light output and a sharper, more controlled focus. Four adjustable integral stainless steel framing shutters provide beam shaping ability and the pattern slot and holder provide the ability to project visual images. While primarily designed for theatre and studio applications, the 360Q Series is also useful in displays, show windows, churches, museums and nightclubs where precision controlled accenting is desirable.

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  • Aluminum die-cast and sheet metal construction
  • Specular, mirror polished multifaceted aluminum reflector
  • Heat resisting plano convex lenses
  • Axially mounted medium two-pin socket

Additional Details

Ships From: Alvin, TX, USA
Manufacturer: ETC
Condition: Good
Model: 360Q
Item #: 43805 (Brokered)
Tags: Lekos, Altman
Specs Includes
  • (1) 360Q Ellipsoidal w/ Edison Plug

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Ships from: Alvin, TX, USA



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