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Rosco ImagePro Gobo Slide Projector


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This Rosco ImagePro Gobo Slide Projector is in good working condition.

The ImagePro projects an image created from a simple plastic slide. Attach an iPro Slide cartridge to the back plate of the ImagePro and insert it into the iris slot of any one of several common luminaires. Then simply turn on the light to project anything from a dazzling full color panorama to a corporate logo, or even a last minute custom gobo texture.

With a form factor similar to the Rosco Gobo Rotator, the ImagePro is both elegant and simple in its engineering. Using three different systems; cooling airflow, infrared reflection, and thermal barriers - the slide is well protected from the extreme heat of the luminaire. Unique toolings on the backplate allow the ImagePro to fit snugly into the four most common luminaires: the Altman Shakespeare, ETC Source Four, Selecon Pacific and Strand SL.

Note: The ImagePro should not be used on a Source Four 750; Damage to the luminaire's reflector may result; Not for use with Selecon VNR 5-deg lens.

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  • Easy System for Projecting Images
  • Use With Select Lighting Fixtures
  • Full-Color Images Last 15-50 Hours
  • 240VAC

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Rosco
Condition: Very Good
Model: 265251000240
Item #: 42306 (Brokered)
Tags: Effects, Gobo rotators / projectors
Specs Includes
  • (1) ImagePro Gobo Slide Projector

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