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BARCO DX-700 Processor w/NNI Output

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  • SHIPS FROM: Ukraine
  • CONDITION: Like New


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This BARCO DX-700 image processor is in like new condition.

The DX-700 is a multi-window video processor designed as a versatile front-end to a wide range of Barco LED displays. With color calibration genlocking, versatile input and output modules, support for blending, color keying and a wide variety of show effects, the DX-700 is an ideal and user-friendly choice to boost the performance of your display.

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  • Basic system configuration and adjustments are performed via front panel controls. Advanced configuration is performed using Director Toolset
  • Seven rear panel slots are provided for input and output modules. All modules are fully shielded and field-installable
  • Input and output modules can be configured into functional “banks” that create independent video processors capable of driving one or more LED walls
  • Ethernet, diagnostic, DMX and genlock ports reside on the System Module. Analog and digital monitor outputs are also provided
  • Rack-mountable chassis (5RU)

Additional Details

Ships From: Ukraine
Manufacturer: Barco
Condition: Like New
Model: DX-700 NNI
Item #: 40783 (Brokered)
Tags: Pro video, Processors/effects
Specs Includes
  • (1) DX-700 Processor w/ NNI Output

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Ships from: Ukraine



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Home » » Pro Video » Item #40783

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