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Klark Teknik DN9344 Helix Slave Equalizer

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The DN9344 Helix Slave is a single rackspace unit that effectively contains two DN9340s in one chassis, thus providing four channels. The pairs of channels can be linked for stereo operation or operated independently. DN9344 has no front panel controls other than those that allow the user to select communications channels, but it is fitted with the same comprehensive metering as the Master unit. Specifically for installation purposes, the Helix Slave is also fitted with a contact closure interface on the rear so that a limited number of user presets can be recalled from a simple switch panel without the need for a Helix Master unit or PC. The audio signal path of the unit is identical in every respect to the Master.

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  • Inputs: Four
  • Type: Electronically balanced (pin 2 hot)
  • Impedance (Ohm): 20k
  • Outputs: Four
  • Type: Electronically balanced (pin 2 hot)
  • Maximum Level: +21dBu into > 2k
  • Frequency response (20Hz to 20kHz): 0.3 dB with all filters and EQ flat
  • Distortion (THD+N) @ +4dBu (20Hz to 20 kHz): < 0.01%
  • Dynamic range (20Hz-20kHz unweighted): 115 dB
  • Input Gain: +12dB to -40dB in 0.1dB steps plus Off
  • Delay: 0-1 second (342.25 m or 333'10” at 20C in 20.8us steps)
  • Filters: 4 Filters (max)
  • Types: Low Pass, High Pass, Low Shelf, High Shelf, Notch
  • Dynamic EQ: 2 Bands (max); Range: ±12dB; Responses: Proportional, Constant, Symmetrical
  • Parametric EQ: 12 Bands (max); Range: ±12dB; Responses: Proportional, Constant, Symmetrical
  • Graphic EQ: 31 Bands On ISO standard frequencies; Range: ±12dB; Responses Proportional, Constant, Symmetrical, DN27, DN360

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Klark Teknik
Condition: Good
Model: DN9344
Item #: 36363 (Brokered)
Tags: Pro audio, Graphic equalizer
Specs Includes
  • (1) DN9344 Helix Slave Equalizer

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