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Barco CLM R10+ Projector (Package of 2)

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  • CONDITION: Very Good


These projectors were serviced by Barco Technicians. They are in good working and cosmetic condition.

This listing is for:

  • (2) CLM R10+ Projectors
  • (2) Rigging Frames
  • (2) Remotes
  • (2) 1.2-1.5 Lenses
  • (2) 2.2-4.4 Lenses
  • (2) 4.4-7.0 Lenses
  • (2) Flight Cases
  • L6-20 Power Cable
  • L6-20 to Dual Edison Adapters

Barco's CLM R10+ is a cost-effective compact, 10,000 ANSI lumens high-brightness projector. Its single-chip DLP technology and sealed optical engine make it an outstanding choice for intensive-use applications in bright environments. 

The CLM R10+ features the Barco engineered picture-in-picture functionality, which allows two sources to be displayed simultaneously on one screen, in any combination of data and video. Combined with its strong light output, this makes the CLM ideal for mid- to large-sized presentation venues. 

The CLM R10+ can handle a wide array of sources, including all currently supported video formats and broadcasting signals. Its RS232 and TCP/IP ports enable connection to a host of remote control devices, while its low size, weight and noise levels make the CLM R10+ an efficient, quiet solution that looks good in any brightly lit room. What's more, it can be stacked in multiples in case even brighter light outputs are required. Its quad-lamp system also spectacularly enhances its lifetime, rendering the CLM R10+ virtually maintenance-free.

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  • Projector type: SXGA+ single-chip DLP digital projector
  • Technology: 0.95' DMD x1 CW:RGBW
  • Resolution: 1400x1050
  • Brightness: 10,000 center lumens
  • 9,500 ANSI lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 1,200:1 (standard); 2,000:1 (high contrast mode)
  • Brightness uniformity: 95%
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
  • ScenergiX: Horizontal and vertical edge blending
  • Lens type: QCLD
  • Optical lens shift: Vertical: -20% to +110%
  • Horizontal: 15% (L) and 100% (R) on zoom lenses
  • Color correction: P7
  • Sealed DLP core: Standard
  • Optical dowser: 0-100% brightness control through DMX512 signal
  • Picture-in-picture: Two sources simultaneously
  • Orientation: Table/ceiling/(side)portrait/vertical
  • DMX 512: Standard
  • Inputs: DVI(HDCP); 5-BNC RGBHV (RGBS/RGsB, YUV CS/SOY, Composite video, S-Video)
  • Max. pixel clock: 165 MHz
  • Control: XLR wired + IR, RS232
  • Network connection: 10/100 base-T, RJ-45 connection
  • Power requirements: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 1600W
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 692 x 442 x 293mm; 27.24 x 17.4 x 11.53 inches
  • Weight: 30kg (66.13lbs)

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Barco
Condition: Very Good
Item #: 35694 (Brokered)
Tags: Pro video, Packages, Projectors & screens
Specs Includes
  • (2) CLM R10+ Projectors
  • (2) Rigging Frames
  • (2) Remotes
  • (2) 1.2-1.5 Lenses
  • (2) 2.2-4.4 Lenses
  • (2) 4.4-7.0 Lenses
  • (2) Flight Cases
  • L6-20 Power Cable
  • L6-20 to Dual Edison Adapters

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