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Avolites Pearl Expert Pro & Pearl Expert Touch Wing

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This Avolites Peart Expert Pro console & Expert Touch Wing are in good working condition. The console runs Version 9.0.

This all-in-one Expert Pro Lighting Console with Expert Touch Wing Package includes (20) Playback Submasters, Unique Split Roller, (4) Physical DMX Outputs (16 with ArtNet) and Shape Generator for instand creation of patterns & effects. No fixture limit. No HTP channel limit. Dimmer with soft patch, with multiple response curves and HTP control, Built in UPS. Virtually unlimited memories or sequences. Multiple cue lists in a single show. Built-in Stage Visualizer, MIDI Timecode Inputs, Personality files for over 4,500 fixtures. Includes Cover and Littlite.

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  • Fast, intuitive and live interface
  • 80 pageable playbacks - massive live control
  • Touch wing with 15.4" touchscreen for fast programming
  • Five optical encoders for hands on access
  • Avo 'Quicksketch' freehand tool for fast to create and easy to see legends
  • MIDI support for MIDI Notes and MIDI Timecode
  • Built in UPS
  • 4 physical DMX outputs, up to 16 over Art-Net
  • Dual Ethernet port
  • Easy and intuitive pixelmapping tools
  • Dedicated cue stack control
  • Support for external touch screen
  • 10 programmable executor buttons

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Avolites
Condition: Very Good
Item #: 35604 (Brokered)
Tags: Consoles, Avolites
  • (1) Pearl Expert Pro Console
  • (1) Pearl Expert Touch Wing

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