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Yamaha PM5D-RH Mixing Console

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This Yamaha PM5D-RH mixing console was previously used on various tours. It has been cleaned, maintained, and tested by authorized technicians and is in good working condition.

The PM5D-RH is a full-digital SR mixing console that takes advantage of cutting-edge digital audio processing technology. 24-bit linear AD/DA converters are used to deliver up to 110 dB of dynamic range and amazing sound quality. As input channels, it provides 48 monaural channels, four stereo channels, and four stereo channels for effect return. As output channels, it provides 24 MIX channels, eight MATRIX channels, and two STEREO channels. The PM5D can be used in a wide range of applications. You can assign desired channels to be controlled by the eight DCA faders on the panel, and use them as group faders.

In addition to the standard PM5D model that provides manual control of the head amp for each input, the PM5D-RH model provides programmable control of head amp input sensitivity and phantom power settings. You can choose the model appropriate for your situation and budget.

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  • Versatile Configuration with Flexible I/O Patching Capability
  • Open Architecture for Flexible Live Sound and Recording
  • Virtual Soundcheck Capability
  • 96-kHz Processing for Superior Sound and Response
  • Advanced Analog Circuitry, Including Top-quality Head Amps
  • Extensive Channel and Output Functions
  • Eight Effect Processors and 12 Graphic EQs
  • Optimized for Live Sound Applications
  • Software Built on the PM1D Experience
  • Channel Move Function
  • Universal power supply
  • Enhanced Interoperability with External Devices
  • Supplied PM5D Editor Application for Extended Control and Efficiency
  • Solid Security

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Manufacturer: Yamaha
Condition: Good
Item #: 35448 (Brokered)
Tags: Pro audio, Consoles, Switchers, mixers & das
  • (1) PM5D-RH Mixing Console

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