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Lectrosonics Venue Receiver Module, Wideband-Low Package


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This listing is for a Lectrosonics Venue Receiver Module (VRM), Wideband-Low, rack mount package. Included in this listing are:

  • (2) VRM, Wideband-Low, Receiver
  • (8) UT22VMC Hand Held Transmitter
  • (1) Shock Mount Case

This rack was previously used for tours. All items are in good working condition.

The Venue Wideband receiver is a modular rack mount design for use with a wide variety of transmitters from Lectrosonics and other manufacturers. Designed for maximum versatility and performance, the wideband design offers the flexibility needed in today’s changing and increasingly congested RF environments. A Venue receiver is a “system” that consists of a master unit and up to six receiver modules. Two different types of receiver modules are available. The standard module (VRS) is an excellent choice for fixed installations where fairly clear RF spectrum is available. The tracking module (VRT) is a more costly alternative, but its tracking front-end makes it the better choice for use in congested RF environments. VRpanel software is included to simplify setup and monitoring.

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  • 230 MHz bandwidth (Wideband) - Covers blocks 470 (470.100) - 26 (691.100)
  • Digital Hybrid Wireless system
  • Six-channel modular configuration
  • SmartTune for auto frequency selection
  • Standard Module (Fixed Bandwidth) for most situations
  • Tracking Module (with Frequency Tracking Filters) for congested and hostile RF environments
  • Built in zero-gain antenna amplifiers allow RF signal "loop through" to additional Venue Receiver systems
  • OptiBlend (Ratio Diversity) or SmartDiversity™ (Antenna Phase Diversity).
  • 256 synthesized UHF frequencies per receiver module
  • DSP based pilot tone
  • DSP emulation modes for compatibility with analog wireless systems in addition to the Digital Hybrid mode
  • LCD interface for setup and monitoring

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Lectrosonics
Condition: Very Good
Item #: 35388 (Brokered)
Tags: Packages, Pro audio, Intercom systems, Wireless transmitters/receivers
  • (2) VRM Wide Band Multi Receiver
  • (8) UT22VMC Hand Held Transmitter
  • (8) LE.VRT (19 and 20)Tracking Module
  • (1) Shock Mount Case

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