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MA Lighting VPU Plus Media Server

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  • CONDITION: Very Good


This MA Lighting VPU Plus was used in a rental inventory. It has light used and is in good working condition.

MA Lighting has developed the MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) as a powerful range of solutions for controlling, live accessing and altering videos, still images and 3D objects in real time.  All videos, still images and 3D objects can be scaled, positioned, tiled, coloured and manipulated directly from any grandMA2 console. It is as simple as controlling any other fixture – the MA VPU just has to be added to the network session. There are no additional parameters needed to control an MA VPU. The whole operation relies on the highly intuitive well-established MA philosophy. So if you know grandMA2, you know the MA VPU. Additionally, the free to download VPU software has a teaser mode built-in, which gives you two layers of free playback with limited resolution to just test the functionality at your Windows computer.

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  • Configuration, programming, operation, content distribution and software updates via any grandMA2
  • Easy to connect for instant start
  • Supports blind-mode and preview programming (switchable from the console)
  • Built-in EDID manager to avoid wrong output configuration
  • Advanced pixel mapping functionality – DVI out and Pixelmapper can be used simultaneously
  • Frame and DMX synchronicity
  • Very low latency live video input (MA VPU plus MK2 and MA VPU basic MK2)
  • 3D keystoning and softedging
  • Efficient backup solution – one additional MA VPU is capable of backing up any other MA VPUin the network
  • Implemented text ticker and test-pattern generator
  • Layer reference option: this allows any layer as input for another
  • Professional balanced sound playback (with or without ground lift)
  • Best hardware components encapsulated and decoupled for outstanding performance and rock-solid reliability

Additional Details

Manufacturer: MA Lighting
Condition: Very Good
Model: MA120146
Item #: 35194 (Brokered)
Tags: Pro video, Media servers, Processors/effects
Specs Includes
  • (1) VPU Plus
  • (1) Custom Shock Mount Case
  • (1) ART SP4x4 Power Conditioner
  • Rack Drawer

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