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Valvotronics Gain Ryder 3


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These Valvotronics Gain Ryder 3 compessors/limiters are in good working condition.

A 2 channel compressor/limiter with 18dB of gain per channel provided by a single triode-configured EF86 tube, transformer coupled input/output, with no semiconductor components in the audio path. The use of semiconductors in the side chain (detector) circuitry allows the cost of the unit to remain reasonable, and also allows some useful control parameters not available on “vintage” units. A 6201 tube (per channel) is also used in a zero gain configuration to drive the output transformer.  

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  • Frequency Response: Flat from 10Hz to 10kHz +1dB at 20kHz -3db at 26kHz (minimum)
  • Distortion: 0.1% at zero VU(1kHz/unity), 100Hz -
  • 20kHz, less than 0.13% 20Hz – 25kHz, less than 0.2%.
  • Noise: Better than -93dbm at unity gain,-96dbm typical (Sound Tech 1510A)
  • Input impedance: 600 ohms(transformer balanced)
  • Output impedance: 600 ohms(transformer balanced)
  • External input: unbalanced, +4dBv
  • Mains power: 117VAC/1amp gma fuse. Can be configured for 230VAC service.
  • Gain (Make-up): 18 dB of total gain through unit. Compression/limiting takes place before gain make-up, much like “leveling amplifiers". Unity with no compression is at about 10 o’clock.
  • Ratio: amount of “kick-over”, or “slope” of gain change unit. From 2 / 1 to 20 / 1, depending on “Response”, and if full gain reduction is reached via maximum threshold.
  • Response: Average detector to peak detector, with associated attack and release times changing from slow to fast. Depth of gain reduction increases somewhat in “Peak” setting.(see “Slower” below)
  • Threshold: detector sees more level as the knob is increased, i.e., compression is initiated sooner as the knob is turned clockwise.
  • Peak Stop: acts as a overload light when knob is fully clockwise, lighting the light, and activating the peak stop circuit. Rotating the knob clockwise hard limits the signal at a progressively lower dB level. This circuit reads the output, post gain make-up, and is independent of the compressor/limiter circuit. Only very fast transients will escape. maximum clockwise on the knob keeps the (average) output below +3VU.
  • Detector: 3-way switch selects which input feeds that channel’s detector circuit. The other controls on a slave channel’s compressor must be set similarly, though, for proper channel matching.
  • Slower: switch up to generally slow the compressor circuit for “very slow-average” (poky) response.(long release times)

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Condition: Very Good
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