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Color Kinetics iW Scene Controller


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These iW Scene Controllers by Color Kinetics are in Like New condition.

iW Scene Controller gives you instantaneous, pushbutton control of the entire range of Philips IntelliWhite fixtures, our family of dimmable, temperature controllable white lights. This elegant, wall-mounted controller lets you vary fixture brightness and color temperature to select the perfect quality and intensity of light. With iW Scene Controller, you can control up to four zones (groups of lights) simultaneously. You can save sets of brightness and color temperature settings as scenes, then recall them at the touch of a button.

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  • Vary brightness and color temperature for mood and effect - Adjusting the brightness and color temperature of IntelliWhite fixtures, from warm (more yellow / red) to cool (more blue), alters the emotional effect of a space, and can dramatically affect the appearance of objects on display in shops, galleries, and museums. Selecting the right color temperature matches light source to environment, positively influences buyer behavior, and increases productivity in the workplace. With pushbutton brightness and temperature controls, iW Scene Controller makes it easy to choose the right white light source for your desired mood, application, or time of day.
  • Store and recall settings as scenes - Set the desired white light source for up to four zones, and store your settings as a scene. For example, you can store color temperature and brightness settings appropriate for morning, afternoon, evening, and overnight illumination. You can instantly recall your stored settings at the touch of a button.
  • Full set of lighting controls - Onboard indicator lamps identify the current settings of iW Scene Controller brightness, color temperature, zone, and scene buttons. A master switch turns all lights on or off.
  • Simple installation - Mounts in a standard US single-gang wall box. Uses a single provided leader cable to connect with an IntelliWhite power / data supply.
  • Compact design - Uses wall space efficiently for a clean look that blends with a variety of architectural styles.

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Philips/Color Kinetics
Condition: Like New
Model: 503-000001-00
Item #: 34649 (Brokered)
Tags: Leds, Led accessories, Led power/data supply
Specs Includes
  • (1) iW Scene Controller
  • (1) 50ft Leader Cable
  • (1) Wall Box

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