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ETC ION 6000 & 2x20 Fader Wing


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  • SOLD BY: Site Member
  • CONDITION: Very Good


This ETC ION 6000 console has been upgraded and is running the most current software version. It is in good working condition. A 2x20 Fader Wing, a flight case, and a mouse and keyboard are included with this console.

The Ion control console provides fully-integrated control of LED, conventional and moving lights in a compact, portable package. Up to four control devices- each with its own workspace- can be used for programming and playback. With Universal Fader Wings, multiple cue lists and up to 999 submasters are available.

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  • 6,144 outputs
  • 16,000 channels
  • Four discrete users
  • Master playback pair with 60mm faders
  • Four discrete palette types (IFCB)
  • Presets function as “all palette”
  • Effects provide dynamic relational or absolute progressive action
  • Central information area (CIA) accesses electronic alpha keyboard, the browser and other controls
  • Configurable high-density channel display, with format and flexi-channel modes
  • User-configurable interactive magic sheets
  • List views of all record targets
  • ETCNet2, Net3, ArtNet and Avab UDP output protocols
  • In/Out: local DMX/RDM x 2, MIDI In/Out, Networking DMX, MIDI, SMPTE, SERIAL and contact closure via Net3 Gateways
  • OSC Transmit/Receive
  • UDP Transmit/Receive
  • Virtual Media Server function for pixel-mapped effects, images and animations
  • Support for multiple languages

Additional Details

Manufacturer: ETC
Condition: Very Good
Model: ION 6000
Item #: 34588 (Brokered)
Tags: Consoles, Packages, Etc
Specs Includes
  • (1) ION 6000 Console
  • (1) 2x20 Fader Wing
  • (1) Flight Case
  • (1) Mouse and Keyboard

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NEW ETC 2x20 Fader Wing NEW ETC 2x20 Fader Wing $2,615.00
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