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Motion Labs Hoist Distro 4-Unit, Dual-Twist


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This Motion Labs 4-Unit Hoist Distro shows signs of heavy use, but it is in good working condition. It comes with a 4-Unit Remote and (4) Power/Control Cable, Dual-Twist 100'. 

Chain hoist control is a precise business, and lifting tons of gear above a stage requires skill and planning. This hoist control system ensures safe and reliable solutions that work with all industry standard chain hoists.

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  • Motion Labs 4 Channel Modular Motor Control and Power Distribution system
  • Phase Reverse option to correct out of phase input
  • Contactor Enable button for local pendant control
  • Handheld remote utilizes momentary switch for GO function and maintained switch for KILL function
  • 4 - Dual-Twist Outputs
  • L21-30 Input for power
  • Does not have pass-thru

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Motion Labs
Condition: Good
Model: 1200-4-C-K-0503
Item #: 34425 (Brokered)
Tags: Packages, Distros, Hoist
  • (1) Hoist Distro 4-Unit, Dual-Twist
  • (1) 8-Way Hoist Controller
  • (4) Power/Control Cable, Dual-Twist 100'

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