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Leprecon LPC-24S Lil' Wing


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The LPC-24S Lil' Wing has 24 faders, 12 submasters, 512 intensity channels, and 1024 DMX out. They have been fully tested and come with a 1 year warranty from Leprecon.

Designed to be used with a laptop or PC, the LPC-24S Lil’ Wing control surface for controlling Moving Lights, LED fixtures and conventional dimmer channels. The Lil’Wing is a powerful yet intuitive console solution where space is limited or affordability is desired. Software can be used as an off-line editor when not connected to the Lil’ Wing. is proud to carry manufacturer B-stock items from some of the top brands in the stage lighting industry! Our B-stock items like this one include a warranty direct from the manufacturer. B-stock items are a great way to acquire gear that has minimal wear and tear, and has only been used in demonstration or trade show settings.


  • 12 faders, 12 Submasters or 24 Single scene faders
  • 12 Submasters x 20 pages for 240 total Submasters for storing Moving Lights and LED fixtures (LTP) and conventional dimmer channels (HTP)
  • Two Scene Mode: 12 faders per scene
  • Manual Crossfader
  • 6 "Quick Looks" memories with fade times, store LTP and HTP looks, independent of Master
  • Cue Stack holds 1000 step cues
  • 512 board channels (24 faders, 488 virtual)
  • Two fully patchable DMX Universes - 1024 DMX Channels
  • Channel can be controlled with board level features (faders, submasters, buttons, encoders, and Quick Looks)
  • or on your computer (keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen) or a combination of all the above.
  • Powerful Moving Light and LED programming interface
  • Effects Engine
  • On-board comprehensive Moving Light and LED library

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Leprecon
Condition: Good
Model: 90-09-0935-D
Item #: 30866 (Brokered)
Tags: Consoles, B-stock/demo gear, Leprecon
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  • (1) LPC-24S Lil' Wing

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