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Altman 1KL6-20 Ellipsoidal Spotlight, 20 Degree
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Altman 1KL6-20 Ellipsoidal Spotlight, 20 Degree


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These 1KL6-20 Ellipsoidal Spotlights are in good working condition. They come with a clamp and lamp (as is).

The 1KL6 Series ellipsoidal is a unique luminaire with professional qualities unequaled by any other spotlight. The tempered crown glass plano convex lenses produce uniform, sharp edged bean with minimal halation. The 1KL6 Series has an adjustable lamp holder for peak performance or for flat field where pattern projection is desired. The four integral framing shutters are in separate planes and are offset and reversible in insure maximum shaping flexibility. With a range of lamps from 500 to 1000 watts, the 1KL6 Series is ideal for theatres, nightclubs and television studio or wherever superior controlled lighting performance is required.

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Additional Details

Manufacturer: Altman
Condition: Good
Model: 1KL6-20
Item #: 30032 (Brokered)
Tags: Lekos, Altman


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  • (1) 1KL6-20 Ellipsoidal Spotlight, 20 Degree
  • (1) Clamp
  • (1) Lamp (as is)

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