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NEW Wildfire 400W Wildfire IronArc UV Lamp (LT-250 Series)


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More UV output where it where it really counts: 365nm. Although standard metal halide lamps do produce UV light, we’ve added a special compound to significantly boost the UV output (by around 35%), particularly in the 365nm range, resulting in brighter, more powerful UV effects. IronArc lamps are rated for 1000 hours. After 1000 hours, the UV output can begin to diminish by as much as 45%, so you’ll want to put in a fresh lamp as scheduled. is proud to be an authorized dealer for the top manufacturers of theatrical lighting and event equipment.  We carry factory sealed items that are shipped direct to your doorstep and include all applicable manufacturer warranties.


  • Black spikes between about 350 and 400nm
  • Rated for 1000 hours

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Wildfire
Condition: Brand New
Model: LMP-250D
Item #: 28300 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Effects, Blacklight, Wildfire, Lamps
  • (1) 250W Wildfire IronArc UV Lamp (LT-250 Series)

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