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City Theatrical Show DMX Neo Transceiver


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  • WARRANTY: 90 days
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SHoW DMX Neo features the world's highest fidelity, combined with blazing fast 7mS (or less) latency.  Users can choose from three operating modes, including Neo, Neo Adaptive, and Classic mode that is compatible with all existing SHoW DMX products.

The SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX system provides many advanced tools to allow the wireless system to be matched to the venue's physical features, other show wireless systems in use, the RF environment, and show-specific wireless DMX requirements. Each of these advanced tools is completely user-configurable. That means you can set up your SHoW DMX system in the way that delivers the best possible wireless Data, while causing the least possible interference with the rest of the wireless systems on the show. The system doesn't decide, you do!

SHoW DMX Neo features three operating modes:

  • SHoW DMX Neo Mode with very high fidelity and ultra fast throughput, while allowing the user to manually optimize power, bandwidth, and quantity of DMX slots sent.
  • SHoW DMX Neo Adaptive Mode which automatically finds only interference free areas of the spectrum to broadcast on.
  • SHoW DMX Neo Classic Mode which is compatible with all previous versions of SHoW DMX and has full user options.

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  • Certified for use in North America and all CE Countries
  • All SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX features
  • All SHoW DMX Classic wireless DMX features, configurable to work with all existing SHoW DMX systems
  • Fast and reliable wireless RDM Proxy and Responder functions
  • City Theatrical's advanced built-in Ethernet Gateway features:
  • Dual Ethernet Ports
  • Supports multiple Ethernet show control protocols including sACN, Art-Net, and KiNet
  • Fully configurable wireless DMX/RDM Transceiver, configure as a transmitter or receiver
  • USB port for easy firmware upgrades

Additional Details

Manufacturer: City Theatrical
Condition: Very Good
Model: CIT 5701
Item #: 21089 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Show dmx, Neo transciever, City theatrical, Wireless dmx
Specs Includes
  • (1) City Theatrical Show DMX Neo Transceiver
  • (1) Power Supply

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