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NEW Doug Fleenor Edison


  • WARRANTY: 5 Year Mfr.
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  • CONDITION: Brand New


Edison is a 25 lamp fixture with 25 built-in dimmers. Lamps are spaced on six inch centers, three inches in from each edge. The 30 inch square fixture is 1 3/4 inches deep and weighs 24 pounds (without lamps). Edison is arrayable to form large, low-resolution video walls. Steel straps running down the back sides support fixtures hanging below. The front panel is solid 1/10" aluminum, free of visible hardware, and can be powder coated in a variety of colors (stock is silver).

Edison uses standard medium base (E26) sockets, so virtually any standard lamp will fit. Edison was developed with clear A19 lamps in mind, but the look of the display can be changed dramatically by simply using alternate lamps. White ‘vanity lamp’ globes (G25) give an elegant look while 5" diameter outdoor flood lamps (PAR38) look more industrial. Twisty-lamp CFLs or LED replacement lamps could be used for a futuristic effect. Even egg strobes and carbon filament lamps work in the Edison.

Carry handles are provided on all four sides and rigging points are provided at the four corners. The unit is currently undergoing NRTL (UL, ETL, CSA) testing. is proud to be an authorized dealer for the top manufacturers of theatrical lighting and event equipment.  We carry factory sealed items that are shipped direct to your doorstep and include all applicable manufacturer warranties.


  • DMX input circuit: Protected EIA-485 receiver (LT1785).
  • Input protection: Undamaged by up to 60 Volts continuous, 15KV transients.
  • Input signal: 0.2 volts minimum, 12 volts maximum, DMX512, DMX512/1990, or DMX512-A.
  • DMX input connector:
  • Gold plated 5 pin male XLR (Neutrik D-1 series) 3 pin XLR optional.
  • Input pass through:Gold plated 5 pin female XLR (Neutrik D-1 series). All 5 pins are fed through.
  • Termination: None. Unused pass through connectors must be externally terminated.
  • Power input: 120 VAC 60 Hz 20 Amps at full load. Actual current draw is 0.05A plus lamp load.
  • Power input connector:
  • Neutrik 20 Amp PowerCON chassis connector: NAC3MPA. Mating cable connector: NAC3FCA
  • Power pass through: Neutrik 20 Amp PowerCON chassis connector: NAC3MPB, Mating cable connector: NAC3FCB
  • Idle power: Less than 1 Watt.
  • Power output: 120 VAC 60 Hz 0.8 Amps (96W) maximum per output.
  • Output protection:
  • Outputs are designed to handle up to 600W overload without damage.
  • Minimum load: No minimum load requirement.
  • Output sockets:
  • E26 (medium base). Adapters for E12 (candelabra base), E17 (intermediate base), and E39 (mogul base) are available.
  • Dimming circuit: Digitally fired, phase controlled 16 Amp snubberless triac (Alternistor) with high dV/dt driver. Triacs are screwdriver replaceable. One spare triac provided. A leakage control circuit on each output prevents ghosting of small loads.
  • Rise time:
  • 2 uS (10% to 90% at 90 degree firing angle) at rated load.
  • Dimming curve:
  • Square law. Visually appealing on incandescent, LED (120V), and halogen lamps.
  • Non-dim curve: Non-dim and custom dimming curves are available on special order.
  • DMX footprint: Twenty-five consecutive DMX slots beginning with the selected DMX starting address. Outputs are numbered left to right, then top to bottom. Top row: 1-5, bottom row 21-25. DMX starting address:
  • Start address is set using a Remote Address Device (RAD) from Doug Fleenor Design or any third party addresser that meets the RDM standard.
  • Chase mode: Factory programmed chase sequences are available on special order.
  • Status indicators:
  • Red POWER indicator.
  • Green SIGNAL indicator illuminates when DMX512 is present. Yellow MIMIC 1 indicator illuminates when output 1 is active (useful in troubleshooting).
  • Cooling: Vertical chimney provides passive bottom to top cooling (no fan).
  • Isolation:
  • DMX512 input is optically isolated from AC power circuits to 600 Volts.
  • Color:
  • Front: ‘Silver anodize’ powder coat. Rear: Yellow powder coat with black nomenclature. Almost any color is available on special order.
  • Size and weight: 30" square x 1.75" deep, 24 pounds (without lamps).

Additional Details

Manufacturer: Doug Fleenor Design
Condition: Brand New
Model: Edison
Item #: 16992 (4Wall/ Owned)
Tags: Edison, Doug fleener, Lamp fixture
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  • (1) Edison

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